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Refineries to crush Jatropha to be set up
     Monday,May 9, 2005 - Indian Express

 DI Oil Plc, a UK-based bio-diesel company will set up refineries in Chennai and Bangalore to crush jatropha to blend with fossil fuels (diesel).

After launching contract cultivation of jatropha here on Sunday, Mark Quinn, UK firm's managing director, said the first jatropha extraction unit with a 8000 litre crude oil capacity will come up in TamilNadu before the end of this year.

The firm entered into an agreement with the TamilNadu Government to grow jatropha in more than 20,000 hectares in that state.

A similar refinery would be set up in Bangalore before 2007. jatropha will be cultivated more than 5000 hectares in Karnataka.

Quinn said they would ask the Karnataka government to run its fleet and municipal vehicles with bio-fuel. He said there was no need to educate people on jatropha cultivation and its economic benefits to drought-hit farmers.

He appealed to the Planning Commission and the State Government to continue support to cultivating. sked whether the TN Government had placed orders for the bio-diesel, he said that the Indian Railways and the TN Government had shown interest in using bio-diesel. The firm had appealed to the Government to allocate land to set up refinery, nursery development and tax exemptions.

The firm had entered into an agreement with TN University for promoting jatropha cultivation in more than 10,000 acres.

He said farmers would be able to grow more than 6 to 7 tonnes of jatropha per hectares and extract 35 percent oil . Oil cakes can be used to produce bio-fertilizers and jatropha leaves for drug manufacturing.




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